Vic: TAC Launches New "Reconstruction" Video For Motorcyclist Safety Photo:
Mike Stevens | Apr, 27 2012 | 10 Comments

Victoria's TAC has turned its sights on motorcycle riders once more, less than six months since the launch of its 'Bloody Idiots' television commercial.

The new campaign, titled 'Reconstruction', follows a collision investigation officer as he traces the steps of a road accident that causes the death of a speeding motorcyclist.

The ad follows in the cringe-inducing footsteps of past TAC campaigns, featuring the graphic depiction of the motorcyclist's broken neck audibly snapping back into place.

"Despite accounting for only 3.8 percent of all registered vehicles, injuries to motorcyclists account for 20 percent of the TAC's no-fault costs," Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips said.

He added that, for motorcyclists, the issue of whether they are at fault in the event of an accident is irrelevant if it leads to their death.

"They [motorcyclists] will come off second best in a crash," he said.

Accepted TAC claims from motorcyclists have increased by more than 50 percent since 2003, which is roughly equivalent to the increase in motorcycle registrations over the same period.

By contrast, claims from vehicle occupants have reduced.

Motorcycle trauma has cost the state an average of $100 million a year over the last three years.

"While that is an enormous amount of money, what we cannot quantify is the impact on families and friends of riders killed or seriously injured in a crash," Rich-Phillips said.

"Speeding continues to be a major contributing factor in motorcycle trauma and TAC research tells us that 15 per cent of motorcycle riders admit they speed all or most of the time," Mr Rich-Phillips said.

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