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Vic: Revamped Fit2Drive Course Launched For School Students Photo:

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TMR Team | Mar, 24 2014 | 1 Comment

The Victoria Government and the Fit2Drive Foundation have launched a revamped road safety campaign for high school students across the state.

Designed to engender a responsible attitude in young drivers, the new workshop will soon be taken by some 60,000 year 11 students.

The new Fit2Drive campaign will focus on encouraging teenagers to have a positive influence on friends that are considering drink-driving, speeding or other dangerous behaviour on the road.

The program will see students developing road safety plans for themselves and their schools, under the guidance of experts.

Group discussions and role playing will also form a part of the workshop sessions, focusing on scenarios to help young people develop the skills to keep themselves and their friends from taking risks on the road.

Minister for Education Martin Dixon said the F2D workshop targets teenagers who are nearing the age of getting their licence.

“Peer group pressure can influence the way young people behave in a vehicle, so I’m pleased that the F2D workshops are providing a stronger focus on passenger safety,” Mr Dixon said.

Foundation secretary Graham Spencer said that a survey of 1000 students who have already trialled the program showed that around 70 percent “indicated they will use the strategies to avoid risky situations in the car as a passenger or driver all or most of the time.”

Victorian roads minister Terry Mulder said the state government has worked with road agencies to reduce young driver casualties by 20 percent in recent years.

Mr Mulder credited the improvement to the Graduated Licensing System (GLS), a ban on mobile phone use for all probationary drivers and a range of support programs like F2D.

“This behaviour change workshop is an important part of assisting young passengers and drivers to stay safe on our roads. That’s why it’s important we get it into as many secondary schools as possible,” he said.

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