Vic: Police To Clamp-lock Hoon Cars In Driveways Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Apr, 11 2014 | 15 Comments

The cars of Victorian hoons may soon become little more than lawn ornaments, thanks to a new cost-cutting Police trial.

This week, Victoria Police have kicked off a new six-month trial that will see the wheels of hoon cars clamped in their own driveways, in a bid to reduce impoundment costs.

The program will work in concert with Victoria’s existing anti-hoon program, allowing Highway Patrol officers to determine whether a vehicle can be ‘immobilised’ at home, or taken to an impound centre.

Offences considered ‘hoon’ behaviour in Victoria include excessive speeding, repeat drink driving or disqualified driving - among others like reckless driving and street racing.

The six-month trial will be used to determine whether immobilisation is a viable and sustainable alternative to impoundment.

Police said this week that home immobilisation will be carried out by a third party provider, using either wheel clamps or steering locks, within 10 days of the offence.

“Victoria Police impounded around 4600 vehicles last year and we are projecting a similar number of impounds this year,” Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said.

“We believe immobilisation will reduce our vehicle storage costs, but more importantly, it will alleviate officers having to wait around for tow trucks and get them back on the road. “

Only recent law changes have made it legal for third party providers to immobilise vehicles, although police have had the power since the Road Safety Act 1986 was established.

NOTE: Victoria Police have not provided an image. Photo used is a file photo.

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