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Kez Casey | Jun, 05 2017 | 2 Comments

Australia’s new car sales reporting body, VFACTS, has revealed a positive new car sales result for the month of may, following on from a weaker April, restoring hopes that 2017 could be a record year.

Sales for May are up by 6.4 percent compared with May 2016, and the 102,901 sales for the month helped restore year-to-date figures to a point just 0.9 percent down on this time last year.

SUVs maintain sales doninance
SUVs maintain sales doninance

Once again SUVs took the largest slice of the sales pie, contributing 38.5 percent of new car sales, closely followed by a 37.7 percent share for passenger cars and 20.6 percent for light commercial vehicles.

By brand Toyota, Mazda, and Hyundai, held on to the top three positions on the sales chart in a repeat of April’s results, but Ford stepped up to fourth position, dropping Holden to fifth for the month, although year to date Holden sits in fourth with Ford in fifth.

The Toyota HiLux was the nation’s most popular choice for May, selling 4154 units (combined 4x2 and 4x4 sales), while the second-placed Ford Ranger gave it a real run for its money with 4069 sales. Both models are up on last years results by 13 percent and 30.6 percent respectively.

Toyota HiLux
Toyota HiLux

Australia’s best-selling passenger car, and third best-selling model overall was the Toyota Corolla with 3160 sales, down by 5.2 percent compared to 2016. The Hyundai i30 (2683 sales, down by 28.9 percent) and Mazda3 (2594 sales, down by 20 percent) made up the rest of the top-five.

While Hyundai can point to supply interruptions from a model change-over, Mazda has no such excuse to fall back on.

The bottom half of the top-ten saw some minor shuffling of rank. Mitsubishi held onto sixth place, Nissan rose to seventh after finishing April in tenth spot, Volkswagen held onto eighth spot, Kia fell from seventh to ninth, and Subaru dropped from ninth to tenth.

The Mazda CX-5 was the best-selling SUV in Australia, landing sixth place on the overall charts, followed by the Toyota Camry (up a massive 54.4 percent over last year and the only Austrlian built car in the top ten) and Toyota LandCruiser (although Toyota pools LandCruiser 200 wagon and LandCruiser 78 ute sales for the purposes of VFACTS reporting, skewing results). The Hyundai Tuscon and Nissan X-Trail round out the top 10.

Nationally sales were up in all Australian states and territories except for the ACT, with sales there dipping by three percent, Victoria showed the greatest market growth with sales up by 11.3 percent.

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Top 10 Selling Brands - May 2017

  1. Toyota - 19,876 (up 5.3 percent YTD)
  2. Mazda - 9903 (up 1.0 percent YTD)
  3. Hyundai - 8312 (down 10.7 percent YTD)
  4. Ford - 7617 (down 0.7 percent YTD)
  5. Holden - 6917 (down 10.4 percent YTD)
  6. Mitsubishi - 6521 (up 6.5 percent YTD)
  7. Nissan - 5083 (down 13.0 percent YTD)
  8. Volkswagen - 5080 (down 5.0 percent YTD)
  9. Kia - 5005 (up 36.5 percent YTD)
  10. Subaru - 4146 (up 9.7 percent YTD)

Top 10 Selling Models - May 2017

  1. Toyota HiLux - 4154 (17,917 sales YTD)
  2. Ford Ranger - 4069 (16,587)
  3. Toyota Corolla - 3160 (15,624)
  4. Hyundai i30 - 2683 (11,066)
  5. Mazda3 - 2594 (14562)
  6. Mazda CX-5 - 2298 (10,437)
  7. Toyota Camry - 2233 (8507)
  8. Toyota LandCruiser - 2137 (8423)
  9. Hyundai Tucson - 2135 (9095)
  10. Nissan X-Trail - 1992 (7761)

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