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Peter Anderson | Mar, 26 2013 | 2 Comments

For those seeking some properly serious off-roading, Unimog Australia has one 2012-compliance U5000 ready and waiting for you to take off into the unknown.

It didn't drive all the way here from its German factory (although it probably could if it wanted to), the U5000 has some mighty impressive features.

While the engine is good for just 160kW at 2200rpm, it twists out 810Nm of torque from its Mercedes 4.8 litre four-cylinder turbodiesel, at just 1200rpm.

The gearbox is a dual-range eight-speed that will allow a cruising speed of a dizzying 100km/h. But, weighing in at 4.3 tonnes for the short-wheelbase, that's probably fast enough.

The chassis is made of up two U-shaped sections allowing the chassis to flex while the "portal" axles mean that the ground clearance is an impressive 476mm, aided by gigantic 365/80 tyres.

It can climb and descend 45 degree angles and the brake calipers are also sealed away for their protection.

If you have the right options, the tyre pressure can be controlled from the cockpit to best suit the terrain, the big tyre pack can provide yet more clearance.

The standard U5000 can drive through 800mm of water or, if you need to, 1200mm with the bigger tyre/wheel combo and fording device fitted.

The three-seat cabin is not devoid of luxuries, either. The driver's seat has an air-ride system while fellow passengers can revel in the breeze of the (optional) heavy-duty air-conditioning system.

The base price of the Unimog U5000 is $242,000, exclusive of GST. For the power take-off (crane pump or winch), fording device, heavy duty air-con and tyre-pressure pack, you'll need to add another $20,000.

The Unimog available here is fitted with the following optional features:

  • Heavy-duty suspension
  • High-speed PTO
  • 3-seat cabin
  • Air-ride driver’s seat
  • Heavy-duty air-conditioner
  • Central tyre inflation
  • Protection sealing for brake calipers
  • Dual-line trailer brakes
  • Fording device
  • Automatic fuses

Interested parties can contact Grant Andrews at Uniqco on 0418 931 116 or at [email protected] to arrange an inspection.

Note: Photos are of a press vehicle in Germany. The Unimog for sale is a chassis cab only, but white with the roof mounted air-con as pictured.

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