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TVR Teaser Released As New British V8 Coupe Readies For 2017 Launch Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Dec, 29 2015 | 1 Comment

Jaguar and Aston Martin be warned: there's going to be a new V8-powered British coupe in town and it will look something like this.

TVR, Britain's erstwhile manufacturer of boutique sports cars, has revealed the first teaser image of its upcoming all-new performance coupe.

The as-yet unnamed two door will be powered by a Cosworth-designed V8 and be hand-built in England - though precise power outputs and the factory's location are yet to be revealed.

But what is known is this: TVR's new owner and Chairman Les Edgar has a plan to put TVR back on the sports car map in a big way.

In a Christmas update released to fans of the company, Edgar stated the new TVR's purpose isn't simply to re-launch the brand, but "to make TVR the coolest, hardest-performing hand-built British sports car once more."

"This time though, it won’t just be designed and built with passion," he continued, "it’ll be engineered to perform the way no other TVR has done to date.

"It will be class-leading, mainly because it will define its own class, as TVR has always done and you'd need to spend £1/4 million to find a worthy opponent. A [TVR] Sagaris wouldn't even see which way it went."

Speaking of which, compared to the thoroughly "adolescent" styling of the wild Sagaris (below), TVR's new V8 coupe will be far more restrained.

The final design has yet to be locked in, but the side-on teaser image released with Lee Edgar's Christmas update is indicative of what we can expect from TVR.

A more comprehensive view of the car will be released in early 2016, along with power, torque and performance figures - and pricing.

Production is expected to begin in the latter half of 2016, with the coupe launching some time in 2017.

The new TVR coupe will be built around a spaceframe chassis with a non-structural body, which can be constructed from carbon fibre using Gordon Murray's iStream carbon production process.

For the first run of limited-edition models a carbon-fibre body will be offered as a no-cost option - a reward for those laying down the first deposits for TVR's new car..

An Australian release is not confirmed, though thanks to its British heritage the new TVR will be built in both LHD and RHD configuration. Expect more details to drop in the first quarter of 2016.


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