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Trevor Collett | Nov, 29 2014 | 6 Comments

Victoria’s RACV has used this weekend’s state election to call for a ban on trucks using the right hand lane on major freeways.

The motoring body says trucks should be excluded from using the far right lane on major roads with three lanes or more in each direction.

Despite the calls, the RACV says both the major parties have failed to commit to a change in the rules for heavy vehicles after the election.

“These truck restrictions have been in place on the Princes Freeway to and from Geelong and on the Eastern Freeway for some years now - and they are working,” RACV’s Brian Negus said.

“There has been improvement in traffic flow and road safety on both of these freeways. This is a major community issue and there’s no excuse for either party to ignore putting in place a ban that could be very quickly implemented for the safety of all Victorians.”

Mr Negus referenced the Monash and Westgate Freeways as roads suited to new rules for heavy vehicles, saying RACV members have reported being tailgated by trucks while using these motorways.

Members also reported being ‘hemmed in’ by trucks when heavy vehicles were using all available lanes on uphill sections, causing congestion and prompting drivers to take risks in order to get by.

“This measure has been in place for many years in a large number of European cities where trucks are banned from the fast lane - how come Victoria is different?” Mr Negus said.

Mr Negus acknowledged the vital role that trucks play in delivering goods for Victorians, and said all road-users needed to share the road.

The RACV believes all road-users should obey ‘keep left unless overtaking’ rules, and drivers should be wary of the weight and stopping distances of heavy vehicles.

A new government for Victoria is all but confirmed, with the state Labor party likely to seize power. It is unclear if the RACV will continue to lobby for a change to heavy vehicle rules once the new government is sworn in.

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