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Let's just run through the facts quickly, shall we?

Turbo petrol engine pumping out 224kW [?], three electric motors producing 45kW each [?], all-wheel-drive traction [?], road and track profiles [?].

Sounds good? Perhaps, when you see the Toyota and Yaris badges, it might even sound surprising. It's also Toyota's way of saying "Alright, Germany, Korea... let's do this".

Teased through shadowy images and a drip-feed of details over the past few weeks, Toyota's new Yaris Hybrid-R concept is a showcase of the best its Toyota Motorsport GmbH arm has to offer.

The body is pure Toyota showcar, but the engine that beats away beneath the bonnet was developed specifically to FIA standards as a new Global Race Engine that will star in the World Rally Championship and the World Touring Car Championship.

There's also a good deal of inspiration from Toyota's TS030 Le Mans hybrid racer, with the engine mated to a trio of electric motors and a brake energy-storing super capacitor.

On the petrol front, the Yaris Hybrid-R features a highly tuned turbocharged 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine, producing 224kW and 420Nm of torque. That's 2.0 litre turbo Audi S3 territory.

The engine is helped along by a garett GTR2560R turbo, with max boost pressure rated at 2.5 bar.

While the petrol engine takes care of the front wheels, the rear axle gets a pair of 45kW electric motors mounted at each wheel, generating electricity and pumping out a total of 90kW for up to five seconds.

That's in track mode, at least. Selecting road mode sees total output at the rear wheels drop to 30kW, but the counter then goes up to 10 seconds.

The rear electric motors can also enhance handling in corners, distributing torque between the wheels, making it something of an intelligent torque vectoring differential.

There's a third 45kW electric motor, too, nestled between the engine and the six-gear sequential transmission, acting as an advanced traction control system.

Toyota says that, at low speeds or in corners, when engine power and torque overcome the front wheels, the motor can convert torque from the petrol engine into electric energy and hurl it at the rear wheels.

In all, Toyota says the Yaris Hybrid-R offers a total output of 313kW.

No doubt you've come this far looking for some acceleration figures. Sorry, folks, but Toyota hasn't released those numbers. (It's not like anyone cares about acceleration, right? ...right? - Ed.)

Now, will we see this one in production? Probably not, or at least not without some serious de-tuning to a more Fiesta ST rivalling setup.

We could however seen this system in Toyota's new sports hero, developed together with BMW. A high-powered hybrid Supra?

If Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren - and possibly Nissan - can live with it, we reckon we can too...

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