Toyota Supra And BMW Z4 Set To Benefit From Each Other's Hybrid Experience Photo:

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Kez Casey | Jul, 05 2016 | 2 Comments

Despite the time taken to come to fruition, both BMW and Toyota are frantically working behind the scenes to bring their respective collaborative sports cars to production.

Dating back as far as 2013, the agreement between the two companies sees them join forces to develop a sports car platform which will form the basis of the next BMW Z4 and reborn Toyota Supra.


Unlike the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twins which are almost identical in their looks and specifications, the collaboration between Toyota and BMW is likely to yield bigger differences between the two respective models.

Scratch a little deeper though and it seems that both companies will share engine and drivetrain technology based on the experience both automakers have gleaned from their previous hybrid models.

Because the agreement between BMW and Toyota focuses on hybrid and hydrogen development for other models as well as a sports car chassis, it seems that the arrangement has lead to a hybrid performance solution for the upcoming joint performance car.

Toyota FT-1 Concept - precursor to the new Supra
Toyota FT-1 Concept - precursor to the new Supra

As reported by Auto Express both cars will likely be powered by a selection of BMW’s range of turbocharged petrol engines, with the Z4 likely to offer four and six-cylinder options, while the Supra will stick with an inline six.

A Toyota-developed sports hybrid system will also chip in assistance to the front and rear axles with a derivative of the technology found in Toyota’s TS050 Le Mans racer, with battery power stored in lithium ion cells.

BMW's existing plug-in hybrid system
BMW's existing plug-in hybrid system

The Supra also appears likely to introduce Toyota’s first ever dual-clutch transmission, a technology that BMW has already been using in its M cars for years.

Release dates for the two sports cars are still some way off however, with a 2017 debut expected for both vehicles.

Toyota will likely unveil a more production-ready revision of the 2014 FT-1 concept before the final production Supra breaks cover, while BMW may offer a thinly-veiled ‘Vision’ concept before the next generation Z4 makes it to production.

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