Toyota Reveals New Racing Spin On FT-1 Coupe Concept: Video Photo:
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_16 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_01 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_08 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_10 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_16c Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_04 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_06 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_04 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_17c Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_13 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_01 Photo: tmr
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2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept - Graphite Grey Photo:
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_22 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_14 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_16b Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_03 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_06a Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_07 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_19 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_10 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_02 Photo: tmr
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2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_02 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_21 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_16a Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_02 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_09 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_12 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_05 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_17a Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_06 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_03 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_15c Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_03 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_20 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_15b Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_08 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_07 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_13 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_08 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_17b Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_05 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_04 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_14 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_01 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_18 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_15 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_07 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_10 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_09 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_16d Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_09 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_vision_gran_turismo_05 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_graphite_06 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_17 Photo: tmr
2014_toyota_ft_1_concept_11 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Aug, 14 2014 | 0 Comments

It can’t be said that Toyota doesn’t know how to get media exposure mileage out of its concepts: here’s January’s FT-1 coupe, again… but now in ‘graphite grey’.

This is of course the same trick that luxury offshoot Lexus pulled with its stunning LF-LC concept, appearing first in red and then again in blue.

We’ll pay it, though, just as we did with the Lexus. Because, let’s be honest. The FT-1 looks even better now than it did in red, and that was plenty hot in its own right.

But, wait, there’s another - and this one’s a lot more lairy. Say hello to the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo, Toyota’s entry in Sony’s growing Vision Gran Turismo racing simulator.

Its coming was hinted at back in December with a stylised teaser illustration, and a new video and gallery released today reveals the racing FT-1 in detail for the first time.

Decked out in an all-black finish, the modified FT-1 is shown with a track-specific kit that includes wider vented wheel arches and a huge racing wing above an equally gargantuan diffuser.

Developed as part of the ongoing Vision Gran Turismo project, the racing FT-1 will be offered as downloadable content alongside concepts from Mercedes, Subaru, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, stablemate Lexus and even Aston Martin.

Will we ever see the FT-1 in production, with a racing version joining it later?

That remains to be seen, although no shortage of reports and rumours have suggested the FT-1 is a preview of the new sports car that Toyota is building with BMW.

A new Supra? One can only hope.

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