Toyota Preparing New FT-1 Concept: Report Photo:
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Lexus LFA - Australia Photo:
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2011_lexus_lfa_australia_06 Photo: tmr
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toyota_supra_concept_bullfinch_design_05 Photo: tmr
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Mike Stevens | Jun, 05 2014 | 5 Comments

Way back in the dark old ages of 2005, Lexus revealed the LF-A supercoupe concept. Two years later, a more finished unit appeared, and by 2010 the new hero had entered production.

Likewise, Toyota's 86 coupe with through a handful of concept evolutions before making its eventual production debut, each closer to showroom readiness than the one before.

Concepts come and go, but when a polished followup surfaces, that’s your first real clue that there could be more to come.

So, then, could reports this week that Toyota is preparing a new evolution of its recent FT-1 concept be the hint we’ve all been hoping for?

According to America’s Motor Trend magazine, Toyota has commissioned a new take on its super showcar, in a new colour and with a tweaked look.

The report adds that a third version of the popular concept will also appear, wearing a wider racing body.

That could be another hint: racing was a major factor in the lead-up to the LFA’s launch, with a Le Mans 24 Hour campaign playing a key role in the supercar’s development.

If the FT-1 is on the way to production - possibly as a powerful new Supra to take on Nissan’s GT-R - we can likely expect a similar approach.

We could also see the eventual production FT-1 enter Japan’s Super GT racing series, where versions of the GT-R and Honda’s upcoming NSX also compete.

One nagging question that hangs over the FT-1, however, is positioning in the market.

It won’t replace the LFA as a full-bottle supercar, that much is sure. Expect a Toyota badge, and expect performance and pricing to be more in-line with Nissan’s world-beating GT-R hero.

Toyota has also trademarked the Supra name in the US, potentially hinting once more at the FT-1’s eventual place in the company’s line-up.

For now, though, it could all come down to the response to this next evolution of the FT-1 concept.

Watch for more details to surface in the coming months.

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