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Trevor Collett | Nov, 21 2016 | 3 Comments

The typical customer for Toyota’s 86 sports car chooses the top-spec GTS variants, with a manual transmission and a white paint job.

As Toyota outlines its changes for the updated 2017 86 this week, the carmaker has also given the 86’s fans an insight into what ‘everyone else’ is buying.

More than 17,800 examples have been sold since the 86 first launched, and that figure does not include the 86’s sister car - the Subaru BRZ. The 86’s best year, to date, was 2013 (6706 sales).

Not surprisingly, the majority of sales come from the most populated states. New South Wales customers have delivered 33 percent of total sales, followed by Victoria (27.1 percent) and Queensland (19.6 percent).

What is surprising is an apparent lack of interest from Tasmanian customers, despite the 86’s suitability for most of the state’s roads, with less than one percent of total sales coming from the most southern state.

Of the two variants, the top-spec GTS is easily the favourite with 70.8 percent of sales including 19.5 percent for the Blackline SE.

Those lamenting the slow death of the manual gearbox will be relieved to learn that the DIY-shifter accounts for 58.6 percent of 86 sales. A further breakdown sees GTS manuals account for 37.5 percent, GTS autos at 29.7 percent, GT manuals at 21.1 percent and GT autos at just 11.7 percent.

Of the seven colour options since its launch (simplified without fancy add-on names), the favoured 86 is white with 29.8 percent of sales.

Dark grey is next on 15.2 percent, followed by black (14.9), red (14.2), orange (10.7) and silver (8.1 percent). Blue is the least popular colour, accounting for 7.1 percent of sales.

To date in 2016, the Toyota 86 has chalked up 1801 sales, just behind its main rival in the sports car class under $80,000: the Hyundai Veloster (1914 sales).

The 86 is also 11 units behind the BMW 2 Series on 1812 sales, but Ford’s Mustang will almost certainly take overall honours in 2016, with the pony car having moved 5205 cars at the end of last month.

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