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Mike Stevens | Mar, 13 2015 | 9 Comments

An online petition that is verging on one million signatures hasn’t been enough to see Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson brought out of his suspension from the air, the result of yet another run-in with BBC management.

There might be more bad news for fans, though, with reports overnight that the BBC has not merely postponed this weekend’s episode - as previously advised in an official statement - but rather it has binned all three remaining episodes.

Clarkson’s suspension, officially for causing a ‘fracas’ with BBC producer Oisin Tymon, is alleged to have come after Clarkson threw a punch at the producer.

Now, the public-service broadcaster’s own news arm has reported overnight that the remaining unaired episodes will not be screened.

A second report, with the UK’s Radio Times, suggests Clarkson may also be out of a job.

“Can I see him going back to film another BBC series? I don’t think so,” an unnamed source told the website. “But he’ll be fine. The other broadcasters will bite his arm off.”

Clarkson has yet to respond to the latest reports, nor has he made any public comment on allegations that he aimed a punch at Tymon.

In private, however, Clarkson is believed to have told friends that no punches were thrown, but he admitted there had been “handbags and pushing”.

“I’m having a nice cold pint and waiting for this to blow over,” Clarkson was quoted in the UK’s The Sun paper on Wednesday.

There might be a few more pints in this one.

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