To You From Gazoo: Here Is Your Boosted Toyota 86 Photo:
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Toyota 86 - Gazoo Racing Sports FR Concept Photo:
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2012_toyota_86_gazoo_racing_sports_fr_concept_03 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | May, 18 2012 | 10 Comments

Enhanced versions of Toyota's new 86 coupe are beginning to pop up wherever the car can be had, but this new concept is a little more... official.

Developed by Toyota motorsport partner Gazoo Racing, the Sports FR concept is serving up two dollops of forced induction: a turbocharger and a supercharger.

Combined, the chargers boost power to a very 'yes-that-will-do-nicely' 235kW and 421Nm of torque, with a strengthened six-speed manual pushing power to the rear wheels.

Performance figures haven't been revealed, but with the Sports FR nearly doubling the regular model's 147kW/205Nm figures, a sub-5.0 second sprint to 100km/h is likely.

The Sports FR also picks up its own unique widebody styling, handling and aero bits. There are new guards at the front and rear, new bumpers and skirts, and a big fat wing on the rear deck.

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At each corner are new 18-inch wheels wrapped in 245/40 rubber at the front and 265/35 at the rear, sitting in front of upgraded brakes and suspension.

In the cabin is a new steering wheel and a pair of racing bucket seats, while the entertainment system has been turfed in favour of the obligatory gauges.

Gazoo will show off the Sports FR 86 at this week's Nurburging 24 Hour race. There is no information at this stage on whether we'll see any of these enhancements offered to private buyers.

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