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TMR Team | Jan, 01 2015 | 9 Comments

It’s that time again: The Motor Report is pleased to announce the contenders for its Best Buy Award 2015.

This is the sixth year of TMR’s annual Best Buy Award.

And, as we have done in each of those six years, we look back over the cars released in the previous 12 months, draw up a list of the most worthy contenders, those special cars that offer features and performance that set them apart, and pick a winner - the car our reviewers, staff writers and contributors adjudge as the ‘best buy’ of the moment.

In this, as in previous years, our assessments, and the composition of the final list, is based on a value-for-money judgment.

In other words, balancing purchase price and cost of ownership against quality and excellence.

(And isn’t that what you do with every purchase you make?)

Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai Genesis

Quality and overall excellence, of course, embodies comfort and capability; handling and safety, fuel consumption and ease of ownership, versatility, and engineering.

Plus, importantly, the enjoyment and satisfaction provided at the wheel.

This year, we have brought TMR’s Best Buy Award 2015 in line with the European Car Of The Year convention in branding the award to the year of the announcement. (The European 2015 Car Of The Year will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.)

After all, these are the cars Australian buyers will be considering for purchase in 2015.

We recognise that any award is at ‘a point in time’, and there will be numerous new model announcements and launches staggered through the year with, no doubt, compelling new releases.

Each of which of course will be eligible for our Best Buy Award 2016.


So, for TMR’s Best Buy Award 2015, the Contenders, are:

(Click on each model to learn more)

From this list, on Monday, 26th January, Australia Day, we will announce both the overall winner and the Top Ten Best Buys of 2015.

These are the cars that will be competing for your dollars on dealer showroom floors.

Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo


Buyers’ Guides and the ‘Star Cars’ of 2014

Over the next three weeks, in the lead-up to the announcement of the winner, we will list and detail the top 5 cars in each of the main segments as a side-by-side snapshot buyer’s guide.

We will also publish our list of the ‘Star Cars of 2014’; those which - for reason of expense, or impracticality, or rarity - did not make the ‘Best Buy Award contenders list’, but which advance the cause of motoring and give us all hope for the future of personal transport.

Feel free to air your considered opinions below.


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