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Brad Leach | Aug, 25 2016 | 0 Comments

The first ‘DevBot’ driverless electric RoboRace car is about to debut at the Donington Park circuit in England.

According to reports from Europe the first public appearance of the DevBot which looks like a LMP car from the World Endurance Championship - at the Formula E test sessions is a warm-up for the planned ‘Roborace’ autonomous racing series.

This car uses the same technology and systems as the ‘RoboCar’ currently under development and scheduled for launch later this year.

At its heart, the DevBot runs a Nvidia Drive PX2 supercomputer (about the same size as a shoebox) which manages inputs from numerous sensors, cameras and radar

While the DevBot has previously been tested on airfields and at the Silverstone circuit, the Donington outing will be its first in public.

It has a conventional cockpit so it can be operated by a driver allowing teams to get human feedback on its performance.

That means it is equipped with the safety equipment of a conventional race car.

Numerous teams have expressed interest in participating in the Roborace series - part of the Formula E race schedule – and they will be given the chance to experience the cars for themselves over the next six months.

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