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In a ‘global-first’ automotive initiative, a new venture with a fresh new approach to consumer ‘test drives’, TheCarTest, has been launched to intending Australian car buyers, and also to car manufacturers operating in the Australian market.

TheCarTest, an initiative of Melbourne-based entrepreneur Christian Schaefer, the CEO and originator of the successful P2P car sharing venture, CarHood, has the potential to revolutionise the test drive experience for intending car buyers by offering a ‘try before you buy’ exposure to the product.

TheCarTest offers brands looking for additional traction in the market an opportunity to garner conquest sales, to bring new customers to the brand and to put their products to the top of a car buyer’s shortlist.

“Consumers all ask themselves the same question when making up their minds about their next car purchase,” Mr Schaefer said. “Is this car the right one for me and my needs? That’s what they want to know and that’s where TheCarTest comes in.”

“TheCarTest offers a global-first automotive service initiative by ‘extending the test drive', giving buyers an in-depth experience of a car they may not have previously considered buying, but which perfectly suits their needs,” he said.

TheCarTest puts consumers behind the wheel of a brand new car under a normal rental agreement from one to seven days.

Behind it is properly administered and licenced car rental structure and logistical service, and with all of the appropriate insurances, indemnities, coverage, experience and care of typical vehicle rental agreements.

“This gives in-market buyers exposure to a product in a wholly unique way,” Mr Schaefer said.

“And, like a traditional rental company, there is a fee associated. But with a very important difference!”

“This fee is then discounted off the price of the car should they then choose to purchase; the discount is available via a Visa Gift Card valid for up to 6 months and useable Australia-wide,” Mr Schaefer said.

Currently available Melbourne-only, TheCarTest is just minutes from Melbourne Airport and can offer the service for interstate travellers who may wish to use the visit as an extended ‘test drive’.

For intending car buyers, TheCarTest can open up the eyes to a car or car brand they may not otherwise have considered, and, with the rental fee rebated via a Visa Gift Card, provide a nice little discount on purchase.

For more information, go to the TheCarTest.com.au

Disclosure: 112 Pty Ltd, operating TheMotorReport.com.au and Drive.com.au, has a commercial relationship with TheCarTest.

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