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Trevor Collett | Oct, 12 2015 | 0 Comments

One of Toyota’s Mirai hydrogen-powered sedans has arrived in Australia as it embarks on a promotional tour of the country.

Toyota wants to get the local conversation on hydrogen started, and local boss Dave Buttner told TMR that politicians and regulators are in the carmaker’s sights.

TMR also took part in a Mirai drive experience, which you can read about here.

BMW launched its updated 3 Series range this week, starting with a range of new four- and six-cylinder engines, to be joined by a new three-cylinder unit that revives the 318i badge and takes the place of the previous 316i

The 328i and 335i badges have been retired too, replaced by 330i and 340i nameplates that reflect their increased power outputs and performance.

Along with the new name tags, new front and rear bumpers, LED headlights and taillights, and a range of new alloy wheel designs are also part of the upgrade.

Volkswagen’s ‘dieselgate’ emissions saga continued this week, with the carmaker announcing voluntary recalls will take place in Australia.

A class action that was waiting in the wings has now been launched, and both the NRMA and independent Senator Nick Xenophon believe the scandal should be used as a springboard for change.

To catch up on the all the news, visit our Dieselgate tag page.

In other news, Mitsubishi unveiled its futuristic eX Concept all-electric SUV ahead of its appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Peugeot announced details of its refreshed 208 light car line-up, which will launch later this month with a dramatically lower entry price of $15,990 for the base 208 Access.

Toyota pulled the covers from its S-FR sports car ahead of Tokyo, hinting that the concept may preview a future entry-level production version.

Staying with Toyota, the carmaker will also have its Kikai and FCV Plus concepts on the stands in Tokyo with each representing different eras in automotive production.

VFACTS new car sales figures for September revealed more of the same for the market in Australia, but Hyundai’s i30 upset the order by topping the sales charts last month.

After enduring multiple delays, Chinese SUV brand Haval officially launched in Australia with a three-model line-up that the company hopes will prove popular with local buyers.

Londoners were given their first impression of the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible this week, thanks to a series of wireframe sculptures at iconic addresses.

Proton used its Alami Proton Carnival 2015 at the carmaker’s Centre of Excellence Complex to unveil a new pickup concept.

Subaru’s updated Forester SUV emerged in the lead up to the Tokyo Motor Show, with the front end receiving the bulk of the changes including Subaru’s first high- and low-beam LED headlights.

Joining the all-turbo 911 range announced earlier this year, Porsche introduced its all-wheel-drive 2016 Porsche 911, Carrera 4 and Targa 4 range for the 2016 model year.



We drove the 2015 Holden Insignia VXR this week, finding the sports sedan to be fast and slick but patchy in parts.

Staying with Holden, and we took to the wheel of the 2016 VFII Commodore SS and SSV Redline to see if Holden has built a worthy farewell to its current-generation Commodore (it has).

We found the 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 to be a mid-engined marvel - an absolute weapon that is a joy to drive on the track.

In case you missed it earlier, the 2016 BMW 3 Series has arrived in Australia and we drove the updated midsizer this week.

We found the 2015 Mazda MX-5 1.5 Litre Roadster GT Manual to be astoundingly simple yet incredibly enjoyable, with the roadster easily carrying its icon status in this fourth-generation model.

Finally, it’s a rare day when we award the full 5-star rating to a new car. The 2015 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S is an exception - check out our review.

And that’s… the week that was.

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