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Mike Stevens | Dec, 08 2014 | 0 Comments

Whether you're a regular TMR reader or a new visitor to our corner of the interwebs, there's a handful of easy ways to keep up with the latest news and reviews.

We're easy to find on the ol' social media, but here's a few links if you've been trying to hunt us down.



'Like' TMR at facebook.com/themotorreport for the latest content from our website, along with random funnies and finds from across the net and out in the wild.



Follow TMR at twitter.com/tmrnews for more news & reviews, and random musings about new models and industry movements.

BONUS: You can also follow @TMRTim, @MikeStevensTMR, @TonyOKaneTMR, @KezCaseyTMR and @TrevCollettTMR.



Google+ is a bit like Facebook, but... less busy. (Hey, plussers, it's true. Don't shoot the FB Messenger...)

But, while it might not be up to Facebook's frantic pace, Google's social platform is a growing beast in its own right. If you're a regular, join us at plus.google.com/+themotorreport.



The world's favourite photo sharing platform is also host to... a pretty damn good motoring website's random photos. Catch us here: instagram.com/tmrnews

Tune in for our Tesla Model S review on December 12!

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