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Mike Stevens | Dec, 31 2013 | 0 Comments

The 2013 That Was

Part 4: The Big New Models Bound For Australia In 2014

Yes, 2013 was a big year for launches in the Australian market, but if the list of unveilings over the past 12 months is any indication... 2014 will be even bigger.

Not all will make it to Australia, of course. Don't expect the new Cadillac CTS (yet...) or any of Honda's Acura models to appear in local showrooms, but the list of inbound models is a whopping big one.

We've collected a handful of production and concept highlights from 2013, and you can catch the full list at our 2013 Reveal tag page.

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What Debuted Internationally in 2013?


Here we've listed Australia-bound models that debuted internationally in 2013, but have yet to reach our shores.

Renault unveiled its new Captur compact SUV in production form back in January, following its concept debut back in 2012. An Australian debut is set to occur in the first half of 2014.

Infiniti revealed the first of its next-generation models in January, unveiling the Q50 sedan. A late 2013 launch was expected for Australia, but the first half of 2014 is now looking likely.

February saw Alfa Romeo give its new 4C coupe an official unveiling, after months of teasers - and views of the largely identical concept version. The 4C should hit Australia in 2014.

The radically restyled new Jeep Cherokee debuted in February, again expected to hit Australia in late 2013. However, production delays have seen the launch postponed until early 2014.

Volkswagen revealed its new Golf Wagon in March. The hatch range hit Australia this year - including the GTI - and the wagon is due here in February 2014.

Jaws dropped when Ferrari unveiled its new LaFerrari in Geneva. Replacing the Enzo, LaFerrari becomes the brand's new hero car. And while it can't be registered for local roads, a handful are confirmed for Australian collections.

Returning to the (considerably) more affordable end of the market, Nissan's updated Micra appeared in June. Australian timing is still to be confirmed, but we expect early- to mid-2014.

Another update came in the form of Kia's Optima sedan, gaining a mild styling update and a handful of new features. An Australian debut - along with a sorely missed navigation display in the dash - should occur in early 2014.

Toyota's next Kluger appeared at March's New York Auto Show as the new Highlander, introducing a bigger and more muscular design. A first-half 2014 Australian debut is expected.

Nissan bulked up its new Pathfinder range with the powerful new Hybrid model, and a first-quarter Australian launch is understood to be on the cards.

Skoda unveiled an update to its ageing Superb large car in April, introducing new front- and rear-end styling, an updated cabin and improved fuel consumption figrues. A 2014 Australian launch is confirmed, but exact timing is still to come.

Peugeot's all-new 308 hatch debuted in May, destined to take on the likes of Volkswagen's Golf from around the middle of 2014.

Skoda's new Octavia made its Australian debut this year, but one model remains on the schedule for 2014: the new RS performer, powered by the same 162kW engine driving the new Golf GTI. Expect this one in the first half of the year.

Toyota revealed its new Corolla sedan in June - distinct American and Australian versions, in fact - and a local launch is confirmed for February. Toyota's Corolla hatch stole the crown from Mazda's 3 as the country's best-selling car. Can the sedan help keep the badge up there?

Also in June, Mazda at last unveiled its all-new 3 hatch, some six or seven months before its scheduled early 2014 showroom debut. The sedan followed in July, and TMR's Tim O'Brien had a drive in Europe during the Frankfurt Motor Show. We've driven it a couple more times since.

Honda's new third-generation Jazz hatch debuted in July, launching in Japan with a new dual-clutch hybrid model. A first-half 2014 Australian launch is expected.

BMW finally unveiled its long-teased i3 electric hatch in late July, but the wait for Australian buyers will continue through to sometime in the first half of 2014.

Another all-new model due here in 2014 is the Mercedes-Benz GLA compact SUV, on its way here in the first half to take on Audi's Q3 and the BMW X1.

Not here yet but coming: Volkswagen unveiled its new Golf R hero to hot-hatch fans in August - it's expected to arrive here sometime in the first half of 2014.

Renault revealed its facelifted Megane range in September - but with the recently updated model coming to Australia only a few months ago, this next update is likely still six or more months away.

Nissan's brand-new X-Trail SUV debuted in September, followed by the smaller Qashqai in November. Expect the X-Trail here in the first half of 2014, with the Qashqai to come not long after.

BMW's new 4 Series Convertible appeared in October, and should join the Coupe model in Australia in early 2014. Just in time for the tail-end of Summer...

The German carmaker's unveilings continued in October, with the long-awaited 2 Series Coupe revealed in Germany. A February debut is scheduled for Australia.

Lexus finally unveiled the successor to its two-door IS C, revealing the muscular RC Coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show. We won't see it here until late 2014, however. In the meantime, watch for the powerful RC F to appear in Detroit next month.

The hardtop version of Jaguar's sleek F-TYPE roadster debuted in November, with the new coupe model scheduled to hit Australia in the third quarter of 2014.

Coming sometime in the middle of 2014 is Porsche's new Macan midsized SUV, following its unveiling at November's LA Auto Show.

Another big reveal came in November, with Subaru's new WRX performance sedan debuting at the LA Auto Show. The 199kW all-wheel-drive sedan will hit Australia in March 2014.

The long-awaited new Ford Mustang made its debut in December, right here in Australia. The local unveiling was all part of the new Mustang's Australia-bound global launch, but... you won't see it in showrooms until late 2015.

A week later, BMW unveiled its new M4 Coupe and M3 sedan, both packing a 317kW turbocharged six-cylinder engine. You'll see them here in the second half of 2014.

The hot launches kept coming in December, with the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class revealed ahead of its Australian launch in July. The new C AMG model has yet to surface.

Two days later, Lamborghini revealed the hotly anticipated Huracan, replacing the Gallardo as the carmaker's entry-level model. Lamborghini has confirmed a $428,000 price tag when the Huracan hits Australia in July.


Early in 2013, Honda revealed its new Urban SUV concept, a compact crossover that later reappeared as the new Vezel. So far, only a Japanese debut has been confirmed, but we expect this one in Australia.

The following day, Honda unveiled a concept version of its new MDX, badged as an Acura for the American market. Will we see the MDX return to Australia? Time will tell.

Kia teased its upper-large SUV aspirations in February with the Cross GT concept, potentially destined to debut above the existing Sorento SUV - or it might just preview the Sorento's successor.

Toyota revealed its FT-86 Open concept in March, hinting at the long-rumoured convertible version of the 86 Coupe. Even now, Toyota has yet to announce production plans.

Kia returned in March with its hot-hatch Provo concept, followed a few weeks later by the distinctly more bizarre Cub "four-door coupe" concept (their words, not ours).

Toyota previewed one possible future for personal mobility in the same month with the i-Road - and we drove it later at the Tokyo Motor Show. Check out our review. (We don't expect to see these on the road in 2014).

Hyundai wowed showgoers with its HND-9 concept, confirmed as a preview of its next Genesis Coupe. Good news for Australian fans, because it's coming here (but probably not until 2016).

BMW's new X4 made its concept debut, but we expect very little to change ahead of the compact SUV-coupe's Australian launch - which could occur as soon as late 2014.

In August, Toyota revealed the powerfully green Yaris Hybrid R concept, hinting at an environmentally-conscious take on future hot-hatch offerings. For now, however, the carmaker has yet to hint at production plans.

Opel unveiled its shooting brake-like Monza concept later that month. It's unclear if a version of the Monza is bound for production (we'll never see it in Australia even if it does debut), but Opel says we can expect its styling to influence future models.

Peugeot handed down a hotted-up version of its new 308 hatch in August, revealing the 308 R. This is one hot hatch we do expect to see in production, and likely in Australia.

Audi hinted at a potential new coupe model in September, revealing the Audi Sport Quattro - inspired by the earlier Quattro concept, and the legendary racer of the 80s.

In the same week, Lexus revealed the LF-NX SUV concept. Its looks polarised readers, but it later brought the first news of new turbocharged engines bound for future Lexus models. That's good news.

Smart offered another hint at its next-generation models, revealing the open-sided FourJoy in early September.

Likewise, Citroen hinted at a new SUV with its Cactus concept. Recent weeks have seen the carmaker teasing readers with shadowy images of the upcoming production version.

Infiniti offered a new look at its coming Q30, designed and defined as the meeting point of hatch and SUV. Watch for more details on the production version to surface in the coming months.

Jaguar's C-X17 concept previewed the prestige carmaker's plans for a new SUV model, following the recent F-TYPE roadster and coupe models. A new XF and midsized sedan are expected to follow.

In what would prove just the first of Nissan's unusual concepts in 2013, the Japanese company revealed the BladeGlider concept. A production future is rumoured, but (thankfully) not as the next Z car.

Subaru revealed its new Legacy Concept in November, hinting at its next Liberty midsizer. Subaru's recent concepts have often worn powerful proportions, but much has been lost in the leap to production. Can the Legacy change that pattern?

Another Subaru concept surfaced in November, with the unveiling of the Levorg wagon. Unlike the Legacy concept, this five-door is expected to hit the market with only minor changes. Will we see it in Australia? At this point, it appears unlikely.

Nissan returned to the stage in November, revealing the IDx twins at the Tokyo Motor Show. Inspired by the company's golden old day, the IDx cars represent a retro take on modern sports motoring. The company has yet to confirm production plans, however.

In the same week, Nissan's performance arm Nismo revealed a new high-powered take on the Pulsar sedan. Packing a 180kW turbo engine and a sports-tuned chassis, this could be the hot Pulsar fans have been waiting for.

Ford teased its next-generation Edge SUV in November, and with the Australian-made Territory scheduled for retirement in 2016, we could see this new wagon in local showrooms soon.

Lastly, December saw the unveiling of MINI's new Cooper in John Cooper Works form. Officially a concept for now, we don't expect much to change.

Now, betting is open on which of these concepts will reach production in 2014 - and which will reach Australia.

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