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Tesla Working On Snake-like Robotic Wall Charger, 'For Realz' Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Jan, 05 2015 | 1 Comment

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed this week that the carmaker is working on an inventive new type of wall-mounted recharger.

Upon unveiling the Model S P85D - with its dual electric motor layout - in October, Musk described a series of increasingly autonomous functions that future Model S’ will be able to perform.

Besides opening the garage door and parking itself, the Model S could soon summon a wall-mounted charging unit to send its cable to the car and plug itself in.

“Like a, sort of a snake,” is how Musk described it in October, and “like a solid metal snake” is how he described it in a tweet to fans at the start of the year.

‘Go-go-Gadget Tesla recharger’ is all we can think about at this point, as the snake will presumably resemble one of Inspector Gadget’s arms as it reaches from the wall to the Model S to commence recharging.

Aside from taking the ‘cool’ factor to 11 (like the audio system in the Model S…), such a charging system would certainly be more convenient to owners and eliminate sloppy electrical cords lying about on the garage floor.

Besides confirming its existence or a plan aimed at making it exist, Musk has revealed no more about the ‘snake’ recharger or when customers can expect to purchase one.

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