Tesla To Revive Roadster By 2018: Report Photo:
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Malcolm Flynn | Apr, 08 2013 | 0 Comments

Tesla looks set to replace its retired Roadster - although if reports out of the UK are accurate, the new topless electric sports car is still some time away.

Speaking with UK mag Autocar, Tesla sales boss George Blankenship suggested that a new Roadster will land in around five years from now, after a BMW 3 Series rival is launched.

Tesla currently markets its Model S sedan EV in the US, with European, UK and Australasian deliveries set to commence this year.

The electric carmaker also recently announced the 12 month delay of its Model X SUV until 2014, and plans to launch a new mid-sized 3 Series rival by 2016.

“If you fast forward beyond that, we go back to the roadster and do things that people aren’t doing and push the envelope. That would be the next-generation roadster,” Blankenship said.

The first-generation Roadster was Tesla’s first production model, and nearly 2500 were produced between 2008-12.

“The original roadster was a proof-of-concept car. We did an electric car with over a 200-mile (320km) range and 0-60mph (96km/h) in under four seconds,” he added.

“Back then, no one believed it was possible. And then we did the Model S saloon, with 0-60mph (96km/h) in 4.4sec and a 300-mile (480km) range.”

Watch for more details on Tesla's new Roadster in the coming year... or three.

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