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2011_tesla_roadster_2_5_x_details_09 Photo: tmr
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2011_tesla_roadster_2_5_interior_02 Photo: tmr
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Trevor Collett | Dec, 29 2014 | 0 Comments

For Tesla Roadster owners who look longingly at the Model S and dream of the advances that it brings, the wait is over.

As teased by Elon Musk, the US EV-maker has finally released its ‘Roadster 3.0’ package which applies everything they’ve learnt from the Model S as an upgrade for existing Roadster owners.

Basically, you drive your Roadster into a Tesla service centre and when you collect it again, it will have a much improved battery pack and be more aerodynamic.

Tesla will also replace the original low rolling resistance tyres (assuming they’re still fitted to the car) with a new set of boots, bringing a 20 percent improvement.

The wheel bearings and residual brake drag have also been improved to further reduce rolling resistance.

But it’s the battery pack that’s the real incentive to upgrade, as Tesla reminds us how far they’ve come since the Roadster launched in 2008.

The new batteries pack an extra 31 percent in additional energy - or roughly 70kWh - in the same packaging as the originals.

Tesla will also fit an upgraded aerodynamic package to the Roadster, improving drag by 15 percent.

All up, the combined efforts of the new components will enable a sizable 40 to 50 percent gain in range over the existing Roadster’s technology.

Tesla claims with careful driving the improved model is capable of over 400 miles (640km), which exceeds the very best that the Model S has to offer by around 100km.

To prove this, the carmaker plans to drive an updated Roadster non-stop from San Francisco to Los Angeles early next year.

Tesla says the Model S will remain as-is for the foreseeable future, as no new battery pack or major upgrade is in the pipeline.

For Roadster customers however, at least one more major upgrade is on the cards in the years ahead.

Tesla will begin taking bookings for Roadster upgrades in the US during the Australian autumn next year. Timing and availability for Australian Roadster customers is unclear at this stage.

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