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Trevor Collett | May, 06 2017 | 0 Comments

Tesla’s Model Y SUV was expected to follow its Model 3 donor car in many ways, including the 3’s layout and platform.

But company CEO Elon Musk reportedly thinks that the Model Y should get an all-new platform, which could then lend itself to other new models.

Reports from The Verge out of the US claim Musk made the suggestions during an earnings call this week.

Musk also said that favourable production runs for the Model 3 could see the Model Y’s debut brought forward by around a year - from 2020 to 2019.

As the Model 3 has been billed as Tesla’s ‘people’s car’, it is unclear what affect an all-new platform would have on the Model Y’s interior space, off-road ability (if any) or price tag.

However, cost savings may come in the form of a new electronics system, with Musk reportedly keen to ditch the ‘conventional’ 12-volt system for one that utilises direct wiring from the car’s battery pack.

To facilitate the change, Musk said more robots may be necessary along the production line.

Further details on the Model Y are scarce, and Musk will likely keep a tight lid on the project in case setbacks for the Model 3 interfere with its progress.

Beyond the ‘S-3-X-Y’ model range, Tesla has also recently mooted a heavy haulage vehicle operating solely on electric motors.

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