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Tesla Model X Officially Revealed Overseas Photo:
Kez Casey | Sep, 30 2015 | 1 Comment

In a presentation earlier today Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the new all-electric Model X SUV, with the claim it was designed to be the safest car on the road.

Tesla also showed off the Model X’s unusual Falcon doors - a roof hinged variable opening rear door that needs only 30cm of space to open and is fitted with sensors to prevent roof-strike in underground carparks.

All wheel drive is standard, running the same dual-motor set up as seen in the Model S sedan.

The Model X90D features a 90kWh battery with an EPA estimated range of 414km, and is able to sprint from 0-60mph (96km/h) in 3.8 seconds. A higher performance P90D model drops that sprint time to 3.2 seconds, but also reduces range slightly to 402km.

Standard safety features include high-speed autonomous emergency braking, and side collision avoidance. Also included are front camera, radar, and 360 degree sonar sensors to enable advanced Autopilot semi-autonomous driving.

With battery packs placed beneath the vehicle floor, the likelihood of a vehicle rollover is said to be reduced in line with the lower centre of gravity compared to a traditional internal combustion SUV.

Also new on the Model X is an air filtration system that delivers “medical-grade” air into the cabin via an automotive first true HEPA filtration system. In typical Elon Musk style the CEO referred to the system as ‘Bioweapon defense mode’.

With six or seven individual seats, and towing capacity up to 2260kg the Model X loses none of the functionality of a traditional SUV, but delivers a best-in-class coefficient of drag of just 0.24.

Inside front passengers look through a panoramic windscreen that stretches over occupants heads, with a tinted upper band and sliding sunshade to keep the sun’s heat at bay when required.

Once again an enormous 17-inch touchscreen display takes control of most interior and infotainment functions, and is liked to a standard 17-speaker audio system.

Tesla also demonstrated a tow-hitch mounted carrier system capable of carrying up to four bikes or six sets of skis, to make up for the inability to fit roofracks due to the Model X’s Falcon doors.

International pricing is yet to be revealed. The Model X has been confirmed for an Australian debut, but timing is yet to be confirmed.

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