Tesla Model S Promo Video Released Ahead Of Mid-year Launch Photo:
00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_07 Photo: tmr
tesla_model-s_sedan_01.jpg Photo: tmr
Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
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Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
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Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
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Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
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00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_01 Photo: tmr
2011 Tesla Model S Official Photo:
00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_09 Photo: tmr
00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_05 Photo: tmr
Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_17 Photo: tmr
tesla_model-s_sedan_04.jpg Photo: tmr
Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_08 Photo: tmr
00_2012_tesla_model_s_production_12 Photo: tmr
Tesla Model S Photo: tmr
Steane Klose | Feb, 02 2012 | 3 Comments

Tesla has launched a new video, showcasing its upcoming Model S with chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and sales chief George Blankenship discussing the ‘built from the ground up’ premium electric car.

Viewed from various angles, the beautiful model S will delight enthusiasts with more than a hint of Maserati, Aston and Jaguar in its sleek lines.

Battery pack options will range from the base model’s 40kWh up to the flagship’s 85kWh. The 85kWh pack will see the Model S run to 96km/h in 5.9 seconds and provide it with a range of up to 480kms.

Tesla has confirmed that the Model S will be coming to Australia, most likely in the first half of 2013. Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed, but we have been told that the premium luxury sedan segment is our best price indicator.

Set to inject a healthy dose of sexy into the electric car segment, we are expecting the Model S to change the way many of us think about electric cars for the better.

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