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Tesla Model S P100D On The Way? 0-100Km/h Could Drop Below Three Seconds Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Mar, 11 2016 | 1 Comment

Tesla may be considering a new, more powerful battery pack for its Model S premium sedan and with it, a potential boost to performance.

Jason Hughes, a ‘white hat’ hacker (one who claims to hack computer systems for the purposes of improving security, rather than malicious or criminal activity) in the US, claims to have discovered a “P100D” badge.

Currently, the most powerful battery pack on offer from the US carmaker is the 90kWh unit fitted to the 90D and P90D variants.

Stats for the 90 models reveal a maximum range for the 311kW/660Nm 90D of 550km, while the 376kW/967Nm P90D is rated at 505km.

To add ‘Ludicrous Mode’ to your P90D will set you back a further $15,000 in Australia, and this option bumps power to 397kW while trimming the already-impressive 0-100km/h time from 3.3 seconds to a supercar-challenging 3.0 seconds.

With these figures in mind, a 100kWh battery pack could serve the dual purpose of improving performance and lifting the maximum range if Tesla again decided to offer the new pack in two models.

Available power could pass beyond the 400kW mark, while torque could easily skip beyond 1000Nm although Tesla may choose to limit torque electronically for the sake of the drivetrain’s longevity.

The maximum range in a 100D Model S could reach beyond 350 miles (560km). And that 0-100km/h figure? Could it drop below three seconds in a P100D with Ludicrous Mode?

A 100 model would likely see the end of the 90 variants, in the same way the arrival of the 90 spelled the end for the 85 and the 70 saw Tesla bid farewell to the 60. The ‘D’ in the title represents ‘dual motor’ for all-wheel-drive, and as the range-topper, it’s likely any 100kWh Model S would continue as dual-motor only.

Hughes claims the P100D has been in progress for “over two months”, while adding that he has not revealed all of the secrets he found because he “[didn’t] want to spoil all of Tesla’s surprises".

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