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Tesla Model S P100D - New Flagship Does 0-100Km/h In 2.7 Seconds Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Aug, 24 2016 | 1 Comment

Electric carmaker Tesla has been busy this week, with the company applying the finishing touches to its new flagship Model S, the P100D, and launching the Model X SUV in Australia.

The P100D sets a new benchmark for Tesla, and the detail is in the numbers for the new range-topping Model S sedan.

The new model cracks the 100kWh barrier for Tesla’s battery unit, and with Ludicrous Mode it packs enough punch to take the Model S to 100km/h from rest in just 2.7 seconds.

According to Tesla, that makes the Model S P100D the fastest-accelerating production car in the world, as anything else that can get close to a 2.7-second 0-100km/h run is classed as ‘limited edition’.

Further, Tesla happily reminds the motoring public that other cars in the 2.7-second club don’t usually offer five comfy adult-sized seats plus two more for children and two enormous luggage compartments. The others also scrape over driveways…

The Model S P100D wins in the pricing department as well. Customers in Australia who have ordered a Model S P90D but not yet taken delivery can now opt to upgrade to P100D-spec for an extra $10,000.

Should you already have a P90D in your possession and you wish to upgrade, the price doubles to $20,000 as Tesla says your old battery pack will need to be recycled.

All P100D models and upgrades in Australia will include Ludicrous Mode at this stage.

Tesla has also taken the unusual step of admitting that the Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode is “an expensive vehicle”, but has effectively thanked all of the customers who buy one for helping to fund development of its smaller Model 3 - which will be much more affordable.

More oomph from the battery pack brings an increase to the Model S’s maximum range, which is now rated at 613km on the EU cycle in P100D spec - a substantial increase on the previous-best 557km range for a Model S (the standard 90D).

Tesla’s entire Model S and Model X ranges are available to order now, including the new P100D variants.

The carmaker says delivery timing will depend on the buyer’s location, and adds that no ‘100’ or ‘100D’ models are to be offered at this stage (in other words, performance and dual-motor P100D models only with Ludicrous Mode if customers want the 100kWh battery pack).

As part of the changes to the line-up, P100D and P90D models (both with and without Ludicrous Mode for P90Ds) will now come with Tesla’s Premium Seats. The Premium Seats are standard in all Model X variants.

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