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Tesla Model S - Latest Update For Australia Brings Summon Remote Parking Feature (Video) Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Feb, 29 2016 | 1 Comment

Tesla continues to roll out the updates for its Model S luxury electric sedan, and the latest brings a new feature allowing owners to park their EVs remotely.

Software version 7.1.1 is now available to Australian customers as an over-the-air update, with the remote parking feature accessible through a program called ‘Summon’.

Summon can be used via the Tesla mobile app once the driver has set the Autopark feature while within the vehicle. The driver is then free to step out of the Model S to complete a parking manoeuvre using the app.

This allows the vehicle to be parked remotely into tight spaces and narrow garage openings - forwards or reverse - with the driver first preparing the approach approximately 10 metres from the resting place.

Upon reaching the final position, the vehicle will select ‘Park’. When the driver returns, Summon can again be used to move the car from the tight parking space (see video, bottom of page).

Tesla says that the program is currently in ‘Beta’ mode, but is customer-ready. The carmaker warns that some obstacles may not be detected by sensors, such as narrow bicycles, so operators are urged to monitor the car’s surroundings while the program is in use.

Summon should only be used on flat driveways and on private property, Tesla said, where the surrounding area is familiar and predictable.

Besides Summon, Version 7.1.1 also features improved regenerative braking and better playback for the Spotify app in low-connectivity areas, while settings for ‘Creep’ mode (where the car ‘creeps’ forward under gentle braking) can now be saved to driver profiles.

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