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Mike Stevens | Feb, 12 2015 | 0 Comments

Most of us are happy just to see an alert for a major software update on our buggy smartphones, but Tesla customers enjoy a similar function right there in the dashboard of their Model S sedan.

Over the past decade or so, buying a new car has usually meant that the infotainment interface you’re given at purchase is the same setup you’ll be rocking right up until its last days on the road.

Brands like Tesla - along with internet-connected systems like BMW’s ConnectedDrive - are quickly turning that around, delivering updates that enhance the infotainment and vehicle control experience over the life of the car.

In Tesla’s case, the past few weeks has seen the company roll out a new ‘6.1’ update to the Model S sedan’s system, adding new entertainment and driving options that tweak the car’s functions well beyond its initial showroom state.

Importantly for our market, this is the first update for Tesla’s new Australian Model S owners.

On the ‘Driver Assistance’ front, there’s new Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Auto High Beam and Collision Avoidance Assist.

For interior comfort and convenience, there’s Smart Preconditioning for automatic preparation of the cabin temperature (still a ‘beta’ app, Tesla says), along with entertainment updates that include shuffle/repeat in Media Player system, one-touch dialing in Calendar events and, interesting, improved support for podcasts.

There’s also a new Trip Energy Prediction function tied into the Energy app, allowing you to track the car’s actual energy usage against the system’s initial prediction for any trip entered into the Navigation app.

Park Assist is also updated, promising improved guidance during parking, and new on-screen guidelines are added to the reversing camera display.

For more coverage of the Model S, including our full reviews, see the links below.

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