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Trevor Collett | Jun, 12 2017 | 0 Comments

Tesla customers at the top of the electric carmaker’s list for deliveries of the new Model 3 sedan may find the options list somewhat underwhelming.

The company is reportedly keen to get the ball rolling on the new model, and has therefore decided to limit delays by limiting buyer choices.

Reuters reports Tesla CEO Elon Musk has told shareholders at the annual general meeting that customers will have just two boxes to tick before taking delivery of their new EV.

"You just need to decide what colour you want and what size wheels, at least for the initial production," Musk said.

While expected for the initial production run, Musk’s statement seemingly confirms that the first Model 3s will be available with just one battery pack, power output and maximum range.

Also restricted is the drivetrain, with only rear-wheel-drive available in the first production run. All-wheel-drive variants are expected to appear sometime next year.

Tesla’s belief that one of its new cars is ‘the worst it will ever be’ at the time of purchase still applies to the Model 3, however, with a raft of options and improvements expected to become available in the future.

Musk did not hint at when this may occur or what those options might be, but beefier battery packs, expanded autonomous operation and new infotainment choices could all be on the list.

And buyers won’t have to wait long to make their wheel and colour choices, with Tesla expected to request these answers from next month.

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