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Tesla Model 3 Teased Ahead Of Official Unveiling - And Leaked? Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Mar, 18 2016 | 1 Comment

The teaser campaign for Tesla’s new entry-level model has begun, with a single image giving fans their first taste of what the Model 3 will look like.

A Model S sedan is shown parked next to a Model X SUV, while the shadowy figure on the right is the Model 3.

The image gives a perspective of the Model 3’s overall size, with the new car expected to be a midsized sedan designed to compete with the likes of BMW’s 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

And ordinarily, we would have to wait for Tesla to play its next card (if any) ahead of the official unveiling at the end of the month, but Autoguide in the US claims to have sourced a picture of the real McCoy.

The image (below), which is reportedly a photo of a photo, shows a dome-shaped sedan with what appears to be ‘suicide doors’ for rear seat passengers.

The front maintains the Tesla look, albeit in a toned-down manner, and the windscreen appears to stretch far beyond the reaches of the A-pillar - perhaps as a one-piece front windscreen and roof.

Wheel design reflects those available on the Model S, as does the triangular indicator apertures in the front guards.

So is this the 2017 Tesla Model 3? We’ll have to wait and see.

Otherwise, Tesla has already revealed that the Gigafactory battery-manufacturing facility will play a key role in keeping the Model 3’s price down, with that price expected to be around $35,000 in the US (AU$46,000).

Maximum range from the battery pack has been estimated at anywhere from 250 to 400km, but Tesla has not confirmed a figure to date.

Tesla has reportedly begun sending invitations to guests for the launch event. While customers can place their orders now, at least in the US, first deliveries aren’t expected until next year.

Stay tuned to TMR for more.

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