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Never one to rush things, Tesla is scheduled to finally unveil its first all-electric midsized sedan model in March 2016.

Whether it will be called the ‘Model 3’ or the ‘Model III’ is unclear, but the preferred ‘Model E’ name has been all but ruled out following a threat from Ford to get the lawyers involved.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the March date to a gathering of Tesla investors this week, but stressed that it was only a prediction at this stage.

And even when the covers are finally pulled from the new model, Musk said production was unlikely to begin until mid-to-late 2017, with ‘late 2017’ being the more likely starting time.

The Model 3 has long been touted as Tesla’s answer to the likes of BMW’s 3 Series, with pricing and features aiming to attract the attention of buyers seeking midsized models from BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

A starting price of around US$35,000 has been rumoured for the US market, but Tesla is yet to confirm or deny this.

The ‘3’ is unlikely to match the larger Model S’s maximum range on a single charge which can stretch beyond 500km in ideal circumstances, but may instead offer a range beyond 320km.

But before the Model 3 arrives on the scene, Tesla is expected to unveil its first SUV in the Model X sometime this year.

Musk said Tesla would begin taking orders for the Model X in the US from July, and talked up the new model’s “sports car” handling.

The Model X is already on Tesla Australia's wish list for a local arrival at some stage, with pricing and features still to be finalised.

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