Tesla Model 3 Reservations To Start March 31, $1500 To Secure A Place In Line Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Mar, 22 2016 | 2 Comments

Tesla Motors has announced it will start taking reservations for its upcoming Model 3, the midsize companion to the Model S large sedan and Model X SUV, from the end of this month with the reservation book in Australia officially opening on March 31 at 8am.

Prospective buyers can visit any one of Tesla's four Australian stores in Cremorne, Melbourne; Chadstone, Melbourne; St Leonards, Sydney or Carindale, Brisbane to secure their spot in the queue for Tesla's new midsizer, ahead of the live unveilling of the car at 2:30pm AEDT on April 1.

Once the reveal begins, Tesla's online ordering system will allow reservations to be placed via the company's website.

There's one catch though - even if you're one of the first in line in the early hours of March 31, you may be leapfrogged in the queue by any existing Tesla owners.

You'll also be waiting a while. Model 3 production isn't set to begin until late 2017, with US deliveries taking priority before cars get shipped to overseas markets. Australian deliveries will likely begin some time in 2018.

You also won't know what you're buying. Tesla's been keeping key technical details under its hat so far, and the only key stats available are, at best, educated guesses.

Expect a maximum range somewhere between 320 and 480km (a multi-tiered model structure with varying battery capacities -and thus EV range - is likely) and a physical footprint roughly similar to a Mercedes-Benz C-Class or BMW 3 Series, but that's about all we know for now.

Its appearance remains a mystery too. US outlet Autoguide says they have a leaked picture (top), but there's no guarantee the blobby hatchback depicted is the real deal. Far more attractive renderings have hit the web (above), but they're likely even further from the Model 3's true form.

We'll find out on April 1.

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