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Brad Leach | Mar, 13 2017 | 0 Comments

You only get one chance to make a first impression and Chinese brand Techrules didn’t hold back when unveiling its Ren supercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

Techrules engaged Italian gurus Giugiaro to design the Ren and plans to commence hand-building cars in Italy for delivery to customers from as early as next year – but only 10 per year.

The cockpit canopy raises like a fighter jet and there is a three-canopy design to accommodate the driver and up to two passengers.

Inside is glorious leather with denim used for the fabric, some raw carbon-fibre elements and the seats themselves contain microphones and speakers for internal communications.

The driver even has a microphone and external speakers and microphones (under the badges) to communicate with those outside.

Headlights are lasers and the reversing lights are star-burst LEDs.

By any measure this is an awesome hypercar - propulsion choices are six electric motors (960kW/2340Nm), four electric motors (650kW/1560Nm), or two electric motors (320kW/780Nm).

But the breakthrough comes from a diesel-fueled turbine on-board charging system with the unlikely moniker of ‘TREV’.

Techrules says TREV can be had in either 30kW or 80kW form and will allow the Ren to be driven for up to 2,000kms using a single 80-litre fuel tank. Pure electric range is 200kms (three battery packs – 14kWh, 25kWh and 32kWh which can be charged up 80 percent capacity in less than 15 minutes using a DC fast charger).

The company claims TREV is most fuel-efficient using diesel but can run on others fuel types.

Giugiaro design? Six electric motors? Production from next year?...as we said Techrules wasn’t backwards in coming forward at Geneva.

Price? Not mentioned.

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