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The Suzuki Maruti partnership isn't the only powerhouse in the Indian new-car market, with rivals Mahindra and Tata owning a large share of the country's SUV and small car segments.

While the Japanese-Indian duo has charmed showgoers at this week's New Delhi Auto Expo with its Jimny-inspired XA concept, Mahindra and Tata have focused on the greener side, bringing a pair of hybrid and electric cars to the show.

Tata Manza Hybrid Concept

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Tata's first foray into the hybrid arena is the Manzda Hybrid concept, arriving two years after reports first surfaced that the Indian carmaker had begun developing an ultra-green version of its Nano city car.

Moving away from the bargain-basement styling of the Nano - the world's cheapest car - Tata has given its Manza sedan concept a more Japanese-influenced design.

Technical details for the Manza's hybrid powertrain are less than complete, although Tata has confirmed a 1.0 litre diesel engine paired with a 45kW electric motor. Lithium-ion batteries are used to power the motor.

Tata says the Manza's green-focused features include roof-mounted solar panels, a start-stop system and regenerative braking.

Mahindra NXR EV

Working with its Reva Electric Car Company subisdiary, Mahindra has developed a new version of Reva's tiny electric vehicle concept, the NXR.

As with the Manzda, technical details for the updated NXR are vague. An electric motor provides power, with energy sourced from a lithium-ion battery pack. Driving range is listed at 160 kilometres.

In its original 2009 form, the Reva NXR also offered a "REVive" system that allowed REVA's operations centre to detect a near-depleted battery in a customer's vehicle, remotely unlocking access to a special back-up battery so that the vehicle can be driven to a charging station.

Mahindra says the NXR will go on sale in India in 2013.

(live NXR photos via IndianAutosBlog)

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