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The Warner Bros release of the remake of the well-known National Lampoon’s Family Vacation film from 1983, introduces the automotive world to one of its most important stars.

Meet the Tartan Prancer; the people mover that will ferry the ‘new’ Griswolds across the US as they embark on 'the family holiday'.

The Prancer has a tough task ahead of it; matching the legend of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from the original film will be no easy ask.

But the family van from the “Honda of Albania” - according to father and family man, Rusty Griswold - has at least got some of the formula right…

As outlined in the faux television advertisement (see video, top of page), the Prancer comes with three sources of power and three fuel doors - one for petrol, one diesel, and one with an Albanian power cord that is unlikely to be of any use in the US.

The original: Wagon Queen Family Truckster
The original: Wagon Queen Family Truckster

The Aston Martin-style door handles double as cup holders, and the interior features push-button start, ash trays and an on-board drinking fountain.

Underneath, there’s air-adjustable suspension that can be isolated to each wheel, and the Prancer features the bones and body panels from a Toyota Tarago.

Whereas the Family Truckster featured two sets of headlamps to emphasise the front ‘styling’, the Prancer instead gets a single set of headlamps borrowed from a Land Rover Discovery.

The Prancer also gets a second set of external rear-view mirrors as the rear look much like the front - presumably to keep other motorists guessing as to whether it’s coming or going.

The term ‘family truckster’ lived on well beyond the original Vacation movie’s days in the cinema and on VHS cassette at your local video rental store.

Will we be referring to certain cars as ‘Prancers’ thirty years from now? Time will tell…

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