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Trevor Collett | Dec, 20 2014 | 2 Comments

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has called on Australia’s brightest technical minds to consider ‘technical’ solutions to the road toll.

Called ‘Pause The Road Toll’, the program is specifically aimed at young drivers as the TAC believes they are most prone to distraction while driving.

Pause The Road Toll will run on February 13 next year at ACMI studios and will be tied in with next year’s Pause Fest, now in its fifth year.

The TAC hopes entrepreneurs, creative directors and technology experts will come together to dissect the specific road safety issue with technology-based ideas.

The winning idea will be awarded a $5000 cash prize and a further $70,000 to assist with further development.

"This hackathon at Pause Fest represents a new-way of thinking for the TAC," TAC CEO, Janet Dore, said.

"We know that for some people, particularly the younger generation, technological interference or assistance might be the best option to encourage them to stay focused on driving.”

Ms Dore said that while the TAC would continue running ‘behaviour-change’ campaigns, it was important the Commission continued to trial innovative projects.

"Pause The Road Toll will go further than any community consultation has ever gone before, and with 200 fresh eyes looking at the same issue, we're sure to see some ingenious ideas come from the workshop," Pause Fest founder, George Hedon, said.

Pause The Road Toll is open to any interested individual or group, but is strictly limited to the first 100 people who register here (website opens in new window).

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