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It would come as no surprise to long-suffering Sydney peak-hour motorists to be beaten to the next intersection by a lumbering tortoise.

New data suggests that won't be changing anytime soon.

While projects like the WestConnex and a third harbour road-crossing are either underway or in the pipeline, it will be years before the motoring public will realise any benefits from these.

And the Roads And Maritime Services quarterly report on travel speeds in the Sydney metropolitan area seemingly reflects this, with News Corp reporting average speeds fall to as low as 11km/h during peak times.

Drivers using the Princes Highway in the morning (including King Street at Newtown) are the unlucky commuters caught in the 11km/h crawl, taking over 48 minutes to make just eight kilometres of progress.

The return journey isn’t much better, with an average speed of 13.4km/h in the afternoon over the same route.

Inner-city roads such as Cleveland Street and Alison Road are also slow during the AM peak, with average speeds of 13.9 and 16.6km/h respectively.

Drivers travelling to and from the north can expect an average of 16.8km/h in the morning on Military and Spit Roads, and 17km/h in the afternoon on the Pacific Highway.

On the motorways, it’s an average of 48.4km/h for the evening commute on parts of the M4 and 54.5km/h at the same time for the M5.

Milperra Road to the South West sees average speeds of 19.4km/h in the morning and 18.7km/h in the afternoon.

Data for the RMS report was gathered between September 30 and November 30 this year.

Despite the seemingly hopeless results, Sydney’s road congestion actually improved over the last 12 months; according to navigation group TomTom.

After being rated the seventh most-congested city in the Western World during the 2013 survey, Sydney improved enough in the following 12 months to drop out of the top-ten.

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