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Mike Stevens | Oct, 01 2014 | 17 Comments

Look who's back.

We haven’t written at length about the Suzuki Jimny since our last review in 2009, but you best believe the compact and capable 4x4 has soldiered on.

Astonishingly, 2015 will see Suzuki’s tiny hero march into its 17th year on the global market - and it will bring a few tweaks with it.

For the new model year, Suzuki Australia’s Jimny Sierra picks up new 15-inch alloy wheels and - more importantly - electronic stability control.

The update means the Jimny can again be brought into Australia, after strict ESC laws introduced late last year saw Suzuki's local arm offering only what it could ship in for compliance before the deadline kicked in.

Other tweaks for 2015 include a new steering wheel design, a new instrument cluster, and new seat trim.

For the new model year, Suzuki Australia is highlighting the Jimny’s virtues not only off the beaten path, but also as a ‘city car’.

“The Jimny Sierra has always been an off-road icon - and now its retro styling and great value sees Sierra appealing to more younger buyers as a small hatch alternative,” Suzuki Australi GM Andrew Moore says.

As before, the Jimny Sierra is powered by a 1.3 litre VVT petrol engine producing 62.5kW and 110Nm of torque, matched to a choice of five-speed manual or four-speed auto transmissions.

Depending on the occasion, the capable little Jimny offers RWD, 4WD (high) or 4WD+L drive-modes, with a ladder frame chassis and a proper dual-range transfer case extending the little 4x4’s talents.

Other features include dual front airbags, power windows and mirrors, air-conditioning, remote locking and - while archaic by modern standards - an AM/FM and CD sound system.

Suzuki will be looking to these updates to give the Jimny a sales boost in the new model year, with current figures well below the results for 2013.

"We've actually been without manual models for some time, and those make up around 50 percent of Jimny sales" Mr Moore told TMR today.

That's caused a real hit to the range, with year-to-date data showing just 264 Jimny Sierra sales, compared to 646 for the same period in 2013.


PRICING (drive-away)

  • Jimny Sierra manual - $20,990 drive-away
  • Jimny Sierra automatic - $22,990 drive-away

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