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Tony O'Kane | Dec, 27 2014 | 4 Comments

While Australia gets the Suzuki Celerio as the replacement to the Alto next year, Japanese motorists will get to enjoy a completely new Alto of their own.

Different to the Indian and Chinese-built Alto currently sold elsewhere in the world (including Australia), the Japan-market Alto is slightly smaller in length and width to conform to Japan's strict Kei car rules.

Engine capacity is also limited to 660CC, but Suzuki has a plan to liven up its smallest road car.

Debuting at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon on January 9, the Suzuki Alto Turbo RS Concept takes the compact Alto and juices it up with a sportier front bumper, 17-inch OZ Racing wheels, red mirror caps, a firmer suspension tune and a grey/red graphics package.

Power output isn't mentioned, but to comply with Kei class rules power can be no greater than 47kW. As the name suggests, a turbocharger will be used to help the Alto Turbo RS' R06 three-cylinder engine achieve that output.

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This isn't the first time Suzuki has injected some performance flair into the tiny Alto. In the 1980s and 1990s the company sold the turbocharged Alto Works (pictured) in Japan in both FWD and AWD form.

The first generation Alto Works also holds the distinction of being the first Kei car to reach the government-mandated power limit of 47kW in 1987.

It's officially a concept for now, but is the Alto Turbo RS Concept a sign that Suzuki is preparing to revive the Alto Works?

Perhaps, but with the lukewarm Celerio already locked-in for Australia there's little hope that we'll see a feisty turbo three-pot Suzuki in local showrooms anytime soon.

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