Supplier Secrets Shed Light On New Rear-Wheel-Drive Alfa Models: Report Photo:
Mike Stevens | Dec, 03 2013 | 2 Comments

Whispers that Alfa Romeo will switch its focus to sporty rear-wheel-drive models are growing louder this week, with a new report out of Europe outlining details shared by supplier sources.

According to industry paper Automotive News, Alfa's long-coming Giulia sedan, now expected to debut with a rear- and all-wheel-drive strategy, will arrive in late 2015 "at the earliest".

It is also believed that Alfa Romeo's rumoured large sedan, which was originally expected to share its platform with the Maserati Ghibli, will instead sit on an enlarged version of the architecture underpinning the new Giulia.

The report claims that the Maserati platform was deemed too expensive for the Alfa brand to make a business case for. A debut is expected to come not long after the Giulia's launch.

New midsized and large coupes are also reported to be on the cards - taking on the likes of BMW's 4 and 6 Series models.

The report suggests the new coupe would ride on the underpinnings of Maserati's next-generation GranSport and GranTurismo, although we could just as easily see the new RWD/AWD Alfa platform used.

Large and midsized SUVs are also expected, again utilising a Maserati architecture: the platform beneath the coming Levante SUV.

A replacement for the MiTo is also expected, although it is unclear if this model will retain its front-wheel-drive design or join the others in switching to rear-wheel-drive.

A new Alfa coupe based on the next GranTurismo has been reported.
A new Alfa coupe based on the next GranTurismo has been reported.

Earlier reports had suggested Alfa could drop the Mito and Giulietta models.

However, with parent Fiat looking to boost Alfa's sales from 100,000 units in 2012 to over 300,000 in the coming years, it is unlikely that hatches - among the best-selling models in all segments - would disappear from the Alfa range.

Front-wheel-drive models are also cheaper to produce - even BMW is embracing the configuration for its future volume-selling models - so it remains to be seen if Alfa will drop the option all-together.

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