Subaru WRX S4 Teased For Japan Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jul, 26 2014 | 2 Comments

Subaru has handed down a teaser image that could have the brass at Audi doing a double-take - but only in Japan.

Previewed in this single shadowy image is the special new WRX S4, although just what makes it special is, well, unclear.

Subaru says the S4 name represents Sports Performance, Safety Performance, Smart Driving and Sophisticated Feel. All qualities lacking in the regular WRX, of course. (Wait, what? - Ed.)

Technical details of the new Japan-only variant are still to be revealed, with the company adding only that the S4 boasts “Subaru’s top AWD sports performance and unique overall safety performance”.

Whether that means the S4 is more powerful than the regular WRX - but perhaps not more so than the STI hero - is unclear, although we can likely expect Subaru’s next-generation EyeSight collision avoidance system to feature.

The updated system is expected to offer a 40 percent longer and wider obstacle detection range, along with brake-light detection and a faster response time at speeds that have increased from 30 to 50km/h.

A more luxurious interior trim could also appear, underlining the ‘Sophisticated Feel’ aspect of the S4’s name.

Subaru will unveil the S4 in Japan on August 25.

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