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TMR Team | Aug, 05 2013 | 3 Comments

Subaru's STI tuning arm has released teaser images of a new enhanced BRZ model on its Japanese website today, kicking the rumour-mill into overdrive.

Exactly what the images promise is unclear, although there has been no shortage of reports over the past year pointing to a top-shelf turbocharged version of the BRZ.

The website has revealed little, showing only a pair of images cropped tightly on the familiar STI logo, followed by the slogan 'Purity of Handling'.

The company has inadvertently given away one key detail, however: the file names for the teaser images are appended with the letters 'tS' - which stands for 'tuned by STI'.

A Japan-only WRX STI tS model exists, but this is based on the top-shelf STI model.

Subaru's Liberty has been given similar tweaks in past years, with the previous-generation model getting a 'tuned by STI' option, but no full-blown STI model.

Whether we will at last see a powered-up - and perhaps all-wheel-drive - BRZ remains to be seen, and it is unclear if Subaru/STI would develop such a model away from Toyota.

Recent reports suggest that cost concerns have moved Toyota to cancel plans for a powered-up 86 coupe, and there is a question mark over whether Subaru could fund a full BRZ STI program on its own.

A tuned BRZ has been spied testing in past months however, suggesting the Japanese carmaker is definitely cooking up a new special.

It is likely that the BRZ's FA engine will form the basis of the next WRX's powerplant, which would help the budget on offering a turbo BRZ.

But, while the new WRX will again be all-wheel-drive, it is unclear if the BRZ could accommodate an all-wheel-drive platform.

For now, STI has revealed only that the teased model is 'coming soon', but fans will be hoping for the BRZ to finally get the power boost they've been hankering for.

When will we see it? The Tokyo Motor Show is right around the corner, but Subaru has also confirmed a new model or concept for the LA Auto Show. Either show could play host to this special new BRZ.

Stay tuned to TMR for more.

[hat-tip to reader @AidenT_RD]

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