Study Finds Takata ‘Fudged’ Airbag Test Results Reported To Honda Photo:

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Brad Leach | Jul, 20 2016 | 0 Comments

Another day, another chapter in the Takata airbag recall catastrophe – and this time it’s Honda on the front page.

Reports from North America claim a study has found Takata’s results of airbag inflator tests reported to Honda were often ‘doctored’ minimize performance variables.

The findings point to some results being left-out to achieve a better cumulative result rather than individual test results being altered.

This discovery has come to light as part of a joint independent audit commenced by Honda and Takata nine months ago and conducted by Brian O’Neill, a former President of North America’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

It’s accepted the Takata airbag recalls - said to involve more than one million vehicles and possibly as many as 100-million airbags – is the biggest safety disaster in the history of the automotive industry.

According to Honda, this latest development may lead to further vehicles being recalled and, not surprisingly, no future Honda vehicles under development will be fitted with airbags from Takata.

Of equal concern is news out of a civil case in the American State of Florida which, quotes current and former Takata engineers suggesting manipulated data from tests as far back as 2005 may also have been sent to Toyota, Nissan and General Motors.

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