Stranded Frenchman Converts Broken 2CV To Motorbike? Come On... Photo:

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Peter Anderson | May, 24 2012 | 0 Comments

We don't know if there's a French version of Macgyver, but if he ever became stranded in the desert with his trusty Jeep, he'd probably do what Frenchman 'Emile' claimed to have done with his own 2CV back in 1993.

While taking a lazy drive east in a Citroen 2CV through the deserts of Morocco, Emile came to a checkpoint. The guards told him that rebel trouble in the area would make further travel unsafe.

Having none of this, Emile cheerfully doubled back - before heading off into the desert, unseen, to continue his journey.

And, as though scripted, this is where he struck trouble. The hardy 2CV soon had enough of bouncing over rocks and sand, and promptly packed it in. The damage report ran to a broken swingarm and a broken frame beam.

As luck would have it (this is where it gets good), Emile had the tools he needed to transform his 2CV... into a motorbike.

Over the course of 12 days.

Alone, in the Moroccan desert. And not expire of starvation or dehydration.

Way to go, Emile.

Photographs of the device, apparently dating back to a 2003 edition of 2CV magazine, show that every part of the bike is made from 2CV bits, and there appears to be little doubt that it actually exists.

It struck us - and many other internet commenters on Reddit, where the story surfaced - as the hard way to do it. The unfortunate breakdown occurred around 100km from the nearest town, which might have been a couple of day's walk at worst.

Whatever the truth, the steampunk-inspired motorbike is quite something. As is the photo of Emile in his underpants...

[via Hackaday and Reddit]

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