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Malcolm Flynn | Feb, 04 2013 | 0 Comments

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Sports carmaker Spyker will reveal a new concept at March’s Geneva Motor Show, according to reports out of Europe this week.

Dutch paper De Telegraaf reports that the concept will ambitiously target Porsche’s 911, suggesting a model with a more accessible asking price and mainstream appeal than its ultra-exclusive C8 Aileron - the company’s sole production model to date.

Spyker’s founder Victor Muller remains tight-lipped on specific details of the new model, but maintains his trademark confidence in the new concept.

"I say nothing, other than that it will surprise you," Muller told the paper.

Spyker has been absent altogether from the last two Geneva shows, following its failed takeover of Saab under the name of Swedish Automobile, and its subsequent reincarnation using the Spyker name once again.

The news of this upcoming concept follows confirmation late last year of a new partnership between Spyker and Chinese company Youngman, which reportedly secured the future of the Dutch brand.

The deal will see Youngman take a controlling interest in Spyker, and is intended to produce vehicles based on the 2006 D12 Peking to Paris SUV concept and the mid-sized Saab Phoenix platform.

Where this new concept fits into the Spyker/Youngman plans is unclear, but all is likely to be revealed following its March unveiling.

In the short term though, Spyker is working toward recommencing production of its C8 Aileron in Holland, after its failed relocation of C8 operations to the UK.

"Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Spyker..."

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