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Trevor Collett | May, 24 2013 | 0 Comments

A new police squad has been established to target anti-social 'hoon' behaviour in Melbourne’s south-east.

During a three-month trial, the specialist squad will target overloaded vehicles, illegal street-racing and speeding.

Tough new hoon laws introduced in 2011 gave police the power to immediately impound cars being used for anti-social, high-risk behaviour.

Minister for Police in Victoria, Kim Wells was in Dandenong yesterday to make the announcement.

“The message to hoons in Greater Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia is that Victoria Police now has a dedicated team to track you down and stamp out your high-risk behaviour,” Mr Wells said.

“If you hoon you will get caught, you will pay big fines, you will lose your car and your licence, and if you engage in risky pursuit-behaviour with police you could end up in jail.”

Last year, 4000 vehicles were impounded by Victoria Police, a figure that rose from 3800 vehicles the year before.

Over 22,000 vehicles have been impounded in Victoria in the last seven years and 95 percent of those were driven by males.

“Organised hoon-driving events will not be tolerated and the investigation team will include general duties police, highway patrol, detectives and specialist units to crackdown on drivers who are a danger to themselves, other road users, and police,” Mr Wells said.

Victoria’s road toll in 2012 was 282; the lowest figure since records began in 1952.

The results of the three-month trial are expected to be made available in August.

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