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Kez Casey | Sep, 18 2015 | 3 Comments

Skoda has revealed that it is looking to grow its rather limited SUV lineup with the addition of four new SUV models to its range.

The first of those will be the a family focussed five and seven-seat large SUV, which will share its bones with the upcoming Volkswagen CrossBlue and is due to arrive during 2017.

Although not yet named, the large SUV is being developed under the ‘Snowman’ working title, however this name won’t be used on the production model.

Volkswagen CrossBlue, platform-partner to the Snowman
Volkswagen CrossBlue, platform-partner to the Snowman

According to Autocar, unidentified sources put the Snowman’s interior space as comparable to the Superb wagon (which has a 660 litre boot). A sliding second-row seat will bring about 17cm of adjustment.

Powertrains are also likely to be borrowed from the Superb range, with a selection of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines rated from 88kW all the way to 206kW available overseas.

Pricing has been estimated at £24,000 (AU$52,000) but it’s likely to debut in Australia with a more value-oriented entry price, closer competition like the Kluger and Santa Fe.

The success of the new SUV will also determine if Skoda builds a trendy fastback SUV coupe derivative. The more fashion-forward SUV will arrive with a lower roofline and faster rear liftgate, dispensing with some of the Snowman’s versatility.

Production of the Snowman coupe is likely to take place in China, where Skoda has been building cars since 2005, and already has three production facilities.

First generation Skoda Yeti
First generation Skoda Yeti

Following the Snowman family, a new Yeti is scheduled to arrive in 2018.

The Yeti’s boxy proportions are likely to be overhauled to blend in with the Snowman’s more conventional look, and the dimensions should grow slightly to place it into the medium SUV category.

Although not yet confirmed for Australia, the seven-seat Snowman is a likely starter for this market, as is the second generation Yeti. Five-seat and coupe versions of the Snowman are less likely, and will depend on the success of the seven seat variant.

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