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Kez Casey | Jul, 12 2016 | 0 Comments

Buyers with their hearts set on a performance Skoda are only given one choice at present, the Octavia RS, but that might soon be about to change.

In an interview with Auto Express, Skoda CEO, Bernhard Maier, revealed that discussions were underway to extend the RS Portfolio to include the large Superb and even larger, but as yet unseen, Kodiaq SUV.

Citing the healthy profit margins associated with larger models, Maier revealed that the company was seriously looking into the potential of applying the RS treatment to the company’s flagship models.

Skoda Superb
Skoda Superb

In the case of the superb, the range is already topped by a 206kW turbocharged four-cylinder engine teamed with all-wheel-drive - the same engine as the Volkswagen Golf R gets in Australia.

For a potential RS version this engine could be given a power boost, in excess of the 221kW, to take it beyond the Golf R’s maximum European tune.

There is a problem with that plan however: The more powerful Golf R engine tune isn’t offered in Australia due to cooling system limitations and Australia’s “hot climate”, meaning that an even more powerful variant could be struck from the range locally for the same reasons.

Coming soon: Skoda Kodiaq
Coming soon: Skoda Kodiaq

The other performance-boosting option for the larger RS range could instead come thanks to Skoda’s push to incorporate hybrid technology into its vehicles. In this instance the existing petrol engines could be left as-is, with a performance step-up provided by a plug-in hybrid system instead.

If the Superb RS does get the go-ahead however, its more powerful engine and all-wheel-drive system will then be fitted to the Kodiaq SUV, with both models providing high-performance variants in markets where few other non-premium automakers dare to tread.

While the chances look good for a range of larger RS models, Maier poured water on the idea of a new high-performance Fabia light hatch.

Skoda fabia
Skoda fabia

Once again profit is the main sticking point for the Fabia RS, with Maier explaining that "the potential to make money in that market is very slim".

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